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Achievements Of Ancient Civilizations Dbq Essay

Sharmin SultanaBand GDBQ: ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONSPART A- Document 1: According to the timeline, when did each of the following civilizations begin or become significant: Sumerian, Egyptian, Babylonian, Hebrew, and Persian?According to the timeline, the Sumerian civilization began in 3000 BC, the Egyptian (Old KIngdom) civilization began in 2650 BC, the Babylonian civilization began in 1792 BC, the Hebrew civilization became significantin 1500 BC, and the Persian civilization began in 550 BC.Why do you think the inventions of hieroglyphics and cuneiform was important achievements of the Egyptians and Sumerians?I think the invention of hieroglyphic and cuneiform was an important achievement of the Egyptians and Sumerians because these writing systems helped them keep records of their trade, business, laws, and history, and communicate witheach other.Document 2: What moral guidelines are emphasized in the above reading?Some moral guidelines emphasized in the reading by the author are to not slack and to “spend not a day in idleness.” The author is also telling the benefits of being a scribe such as being released from “hoeing with the hoe” to get the reader to try to excel in their school work so they can become a successful scribe.Other than a scribe, what other occupations were available to men? Why do you think this division of labor might have been necessary?Some occupations available to men other than a scribe were a soldier’s henchman, a farmer, a doorkeeper, a cattle feeder, a fowler, and a fisherman. I think this division of labor might be necessary because your occupation depends on what skills you have. You can do whatever job you are skilled at better than a job you are not skilled at. These people are called specialized workers.Document 3: What moral codes did the above individuals claim to have practiced?The individuals above claimed to have practiced being pure and not being touched by any evil. They have not done actions such as hurt both men and animals and claims to not have acted wickedly or had any association with or knowledge of wicked things.Why do you think it was important to this individual to have led a moral life?I think it was important to this individual to have led a moral life because it makes them pure and untouched by evil. This type of moral life also leads to a better afterlife as the Egyptians believed so the individual tries his or her best to lead this type of moral life.Document 4: The painting shown here depicts figures wearing clothing made from one of the