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Inf 103 Computer Literacy Week 2 Assignment 1

Week 2 Assignment 1 The use of resources is essential when it comes to writing scholarly work. As college students we are expected to do research and find information that is not only relevant to our topic but also reliable. But there are several types of resources which can be used, including Scholarly and Popular resources, both of which have their pros and cons. Being a college student within Ashford University scholarly resources are easily available and readily convenient to me through the Ashford University Library. There are two types of resources while probing resources for scholarly work. There are scholarly resources and popular resources. Scholarly Resources are scholarly journals, certain books, and other publication. Conventionally, scholarly resources are written by scholars or academic in the field of studies and they are original research published in journals. This resource is either peer

DIGITAL LIBRARY 2 Utilizing the Ashford University Digital Library In this day and age, technology is progressing at such a fast speed it is hard to keep up with. We no longer need to go to the bank and stand in line to deposit a check or transfer money. We are able to transfer money with just a click of a button on our laptop or deposit a check with just a snapshot from our mobile phones. Needless to say that also go for online schooling. We are no longer required to be physically present in the classroom, but rather participate through a virtual one. Therefore it goes without saying that the same can be said for researching in the library. From the comfort of our own home we are able to search databases using the digital libraries available to us. The hassle of going through the libraries filing system and or searching for books and requesting research papers is all compressed and digitalized. Having everything