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How To Do Your Homework Without Throwing Up Curse Of The Golden Goat

How To Do Homework Without Throwing Up

Spring 2007 DVD


Artist-storyteller Trevor Romain's DVD series about the challenges pre-teens and teens face continues, with the setting shifting to the jungle of homework. The story begins with Romain's two main characters—middle-schoolers Jack and Skye—avoiding their homework. Skye plays a video game and Jack freaks out over some assignment that's so nauseating that it makes him want to vomit. In steps benevolent guide Romain, who changes the scenery with a few brushstrokes and plops our heroes into an Amazon rainforest where they begin an adventure to learn methods to tame the monster of homework. Skye and Jack search for the secret of “The Curse of the Golden Goat” (imagine Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Schoolhouse Rock), encountering fearsome creatures that help the kids learn such study tips as doing homework before it begins to weigh on you, taking frequent breaks and eating healthy snacks while studying, and doing the hardest work first to get it out of the way. The story seamlessly teaches the lessons because of the sharp, age-appropriate humor and exciting challenges. To reinforce the advice, the extra features include a “Trevor Live” segment in which the funny and down-to-earth Romain talks to students about his own problems with doing homework.

Gregory Keer   ©2007 Parents' Choice

Gregory Keer is a writer, teacher, and father of three boys. Gregg's web site is

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