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RHS Scholarship Survey

Regents and New Century and Centennial Scholarships
The Utah State Board of Regents sponsors two High School requirement based scholarships, The Regents Scholarship andThe New Century Scholarship.  Students can only qualify to receive one or the other of these two scholarships.These scholarships are only valid at Utah Colleges and Universities and are subject to legislative funding and changes.  It is critical to keep up to date on these scholarships through their websites.
  • Regents Scholarship has changed for students in the graduating class of 2019 and beyond. New requirements can be found at this link.

RHS March Deadline Scholarships

RHS March Deadline Scholarships
Keys to Success Scholarships for RHS Students

Varying Deadline Scholarships

Varying Deadline Scholarships
$1,000 Paul Mitchell School
Find a list of upcoming conferences at this link.
Free National Scholarship Searches
The following websites are free scholarship searches that students can use to search for scholarships.**It should be noted that some of these sites sell your contact information to college recruiters.**  Never pay to have someone search for a scholarship for you.

Diverse Populations Resources

Diverse Populations Resources
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Utah State University is an incredible school that offers hands-on relations between students and professors and have on-site Advisers always willing and ready to help students meet the goals and requirements towards Graduation.
Good educational experience. Professors are always striving to challenge you so you learn at you top ability.
I really like the campus and the number of different students that I have met. Everyone is accepting and I have so many new friends. The classes are great and my professors all go out of their way to help me.
Although there have been some issues, the professors are genuinely interested in their students success. And though the music program expects a lot from their majors, the professors and students are supportive.
I love Utah State University so much! Most of the classes are interesting, fun, and useful. I've learned a lot and I've come to love the campus as well as the subjects taught there!
Everyone there is so friendly and is happy that you are an Aggie. The community is awesome and everyone supports each other. Learning is of the highest priority there, and they take every effort to make sure that you are getting the most out of your experience at the university.
I loved the many opportunities for involvement. I feel like they had something for everyone. There was a quidditch team, a huge service center, entrance into sports activities, and frequent programs to be involved in academics, internships, clubs, and the community.

I feel like something I would love to see improve is the unity. There were so many segregations of clubs, leadership, and majors. They need to have big rallies that include all the different people and interests.
I love USU, here I've met some of the greatest friends and the teachers and advisers are there to help you learn and find opportunities for you to succeed. Even if you don't know what you want to major in the exploratory advisers are great in giving guidance.
I love being a part of the Aggie family. The campus is beautiful. It is the perfect size. The professors care about their students and want them to succeed. There are a lot of research opportunities. Utah State is a great school!
I have loved being an Aggie!! Utah State University is rich in tradition and is a wonderful college to attend. I have had a lot of fun with my social life, and I have had amazing professors.
Very social atmosphere, I have had good teachers and feel I am getting a good education, helpful counselors. The negative is that it is a little expensive.
Really great experience, sometimes student fees are ambiguous and high which makes me feel a little robbed. However, overall it has been a great school!
Going to school at Utah State University you’re given many opportunities to join clubs and tutors are there to help you. Have nothing to do? You can go to the activities they have mostly every week or weekend. There are many places to go hiking! The people here are friendly and it’s very peaceful at the dorms.
I love Utah State University. Great campus, great education, great town. Only thing I'd improve is the advising within my program, but that's specific to my major.
USU is a beautiful campus. It lies near the frigid Bear River Mountains. In a small college town, it is very economical and is an outdoor playground for anyone who has some adventure in them. However, I have not found much diversity at the school. Most everyone is LDS and many people get engaged very young. I find myself constantly looking at individual’s hands for an engagement ring. Everyone is extremely friendly and it is easy to make friends. Professors are willing to help and want to see you succeed. I am a member of Sigma Chi, which has provided me with an organized party scene. Sig is a very strict chapter for rules on hosting a party. There is always a sober 7 at every event to make sure everything runs smoothly. The Chapter has also allowed me to me involved in charitable events. I have really enjoyed giving back to people in need. USU has been good for me. I had some things I needed to accomplish as an individual and it was a safe and cozy place for me to excel in.
Situated among the beautiful mountains of Cache Valley, Utah State's location is only one of the many factors why it's an incredible school to attend. As a student, you're never in want of things to do from outdoor recreation, athletic competitions, campus parties, housing activities, or city events. In one word, it's just fun! Attending Utah State University makes it fun to go to college and attend classes and be challenged and succeed in your program on top of the student life scene. I love attending Utah State and hope that as I continue my education there that I can continue to be challenged and given opportunities specific to help me succeed.
I came up to USU my junior year to take some classes, and it was awesome! I loved to roam around campus on my long board, watching students play Ultimate Frisbee, and get free ice cream every now and then. The campus seemed to have a stress-free attitude that gave me more motivation to get my work done. Overall, it was a wonderful experience that I would highly suggest.
I LOVE USU. living on the prettiest campus, best student involvement, FSL(greek life), and everything!

Utah State University Reviews

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