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How To Achieve Success And Happiness Essay

How to Achieve Happiness Essay

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"Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be." -- Abraham Lincoln

According to Cambridge's Online Dictionary, happiness is a state of mind or feeling characterized by contentment, satisfaction, pleasure, or joy. There are a number of attributes that correlate with happiness: relationships and social interaction, extroversion, marital status, employment, health, democratic freedom, optimism, religious involvement, income, and proximity to other happy people.

Because the concept of happiness is complex and hard to measure, many people believe that happiness is mysterious, elusive, and totally out of their control. This is not true. Actually, happiness is a choice. Each person can decide whether to be happy or not.…show more content…

However, some people who live difficult lives can remain happy, while people who have everything they need are unhappy. Happiness is determined by how we respond to external stimulus. We can choose our own response no matter what the stimulus is. For the same half cup of water, an optimist can see it half full; on the contrary, a pessimist may see it as half empty.

Also, we can get happiness from doing some simple things, such as taking a relaxing bath, listening to music, going for a walk, reading a favorite book, writing a letter to a friend, making a great meal for the family, or capturing a glorious sunset. Although these things may seem minuscule and irrelevant, they can help to create a delightful atmosphere, release the stress, and convert negative emotions into happiness. In a word, these activities make difference on our happiness level. Granted, there are circumstances that rob us of our happiness that we don't have as much choice over, such as war, death, health problems, and natural disasters, but we are not completely helpless even in these circumstances. We have a choice to go on with life and live it the best we can. We can still set goals and dream dreams. We can still keep happy by looking good future. Last October, because of bad economic situation, I lost my job. It’s miserable living on unemployment

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Happiness And Success Essay


Happiness and Success

Jazz music and aromas of vanilla and expresso bean pervade the air, before I reach the entrance I notice dark mahogany trim outlining large glass window panes. I turn and look quickly and notice that outside the flashing neon washes all our faces blue. While, inside hostile wenches serve you brew. Outside, seven, sullen motorcycles brood. This picture frames an anxious mood. Just another night at the Hotel U. Check your pockets before you leave this place. Look closely at this picture and you'll see your face. There I go drifting on my creative urges, but wait, that's what being successful is. The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. To get there one has to leave the city of comfort and go into the wilderness of the intuition. What is discovered is wonderful. Learning, telling stories, painting pictures, and sharing them with others, that's success. For the longest time I thought success was having a lot of money. So I worked, worked and then worked some more. I had money, but I had no time to do the things that made me really happy. Albert Schweitzer surmises, "Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful." Real success is living a life of integrity, compassion and reciprocity.

Francis Bacon stated, "It's not what we eat but what we digest that makes us strong; not what we gain but what we save that makes us rich; not what we read but what we remember that makes us learned; and not what we profess but what we practice that gives us integrity." The ability to integrate positive and negative influences in one's life is the next step on the path to success. Success is a journey; it has multiple peaks, not one ultimate summit. One success builds another. Failures and setbacks are probably more important than success in these journeys. It's through these failures that one grows and learns. Consider this famous person's record: Failed in business in '31. Defeated for the legislature in '32. Again failed in business in '34. Sweetheart died in '35. Had a nervous breakdown in '36. Defeated in election in '38. Defeated for Congress in '43. Defeated for Congress in '46. Defeated for Congress in '48. Defeated for Senate in '55. Defeated for Vice President in '56. Defeated for Senate in '58. Elected President in '60… This man was Abraham Lincoln. Failure...

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